Light Emitting Diode (LED) mobile screens are the best and most convenient way to engage and connect with the audience at a large scale outdoor event. Whether an event production house has planned a corporate event, a sports event, an outdoor wedding, a graduation ceremony, or a product launch, having mobile display screens or digital signages will ensure that your message is conveyed to the entire audience. Moreover, they will only enhance your overall event experience.

In any outdoor or indoor event, the guests or the audience want to enjoy the ambiance and witness the actions on stage at the same time! Some other visual options like TV screens, projectors, and LCD video walls, may not always be suitable for an event as they are not weatherproof. For instance, it can be difficult to view an LCD screen in full sunlight and it requires a lot of time and budget to set up.

So what can be the solution to this? The mobile LED display screen of course!

Here’s why the mobile display screen is one of the best choices for an outdoor event.

Easy Transportation

Heard of the trailer LED screen? It is literally an outdoor LED screen that is mounted on the back of a trailer. Rather than setting up an LCD screen on-site, the trailer LED display screen can simply hitch at the back of any vehicle. These mobile LED screens are available in varied sizes that can be mounted on vehicles of all sizes! That’s the flexibility the mobile LED screen can give to an event production house. Imagine how handy this is for a last minute screen change or emergency screen replacement! This moving mobile LED display screen not only saves set-up time but also labour chargers as it can be easily mounted on-site.

With cutting-edge technology, advanced and innovative mobile LED screens have now been created. The iFLY 25 mobile LED screen is one such invention where the screen is mounted on a small trailer (a space saver!) but the screen can rotate and move in all directions while being mounted.

Check how flexible the iFLY 25 trailer LED display screen is!

Versatile and Durable

That screen mounted or hitched to a trailer, are you wondering if the screen can withstand all the bumps and bends on the roads during a transit? Well, they can! The mobile LED display screens are designed to withstand the bumps while transporting the screens to the location. They are modified to withstand and tolerate impact during the setting up process as well. This makes mobile LED display screens durable and robust.

These mobile screens are an ideal choice for outdoor events that need continuous and vivid video imagery to be displayed to the audience. A variety of locations like car parking space, concert arenas, foreshores, public parks, malls, school ovals, etc. can make utmost use of such mobile display screens for all youthful events that are organised and managed by event production houses.

The double-sided mobile LED screen that can rotate continuously.

Glare-Resistant and Weatherproof

Mobile LED display screens were created for outdoor events, meaning they can defy a substantial impact of elements like water and sunlight. Mobile LED display screens are configured to be glare-resistant to improve visibility of video or photo content from afar. The imagery still appears clear and bright even in full sunlight. We already know these screens are versatile, these screens are so durable that they are ideal for numerous outdoor events. Whether it’s a sunny or a gloomy rainy day, the mobile display screens will still combat it all and engage the audience. If you are an event planner or an event production house looking for mobile screens to hire, look for vendors that provide quality IP-rated screens to ensure your event to be without glitches and hitches.

This mobile screen can be set up by just one person!

Attention Seekers

With vivid imagery and vibrant colourful videography, mobile display screens attract a huge amount of attention. Whether it’s live broadcasting of a sports event or displaying a live camera feed of a concert or a special ceremony, the mobile LED display screens can give the audience an experience they couldn’t have seen elsewhere. The screens being big and bright, attract a lot of attention making them ideal for video walls. Displaying the live event can also give a better view of the stage for the back audience that is far away. The engagement of the audience towards the event will remain constant.

Additional Value

The mobile LED display screen is cost-effective, time-saving, and has a lasting impression on your guests or audience. This is the biggest reason why the screens are an attractive option for event production houses and event organisers. The benefits of having a vibrant screen at your outdoor event only add additional value to the quality of the event. Although some LED screens might look the same and have similar specifications, the actual image and video quality, colour production, and viewing experience could have a drastic difference.

Ensure that you have done thorough research before hiring a mobile LED screen vendor. A good quality screen is all you need to add that incredible value to your outdoor event and boost the identity of your event production house!