Trade shows and exhibitions are an excellent way for your brand to create awareness and to meet prospective clients. But with the exhibition hall having gigantic flashy lights and the newfangled competitors, it’s easy for a newcomer to get overlooked. To ensure your brand’s presence and maximum ROI for the time and money spent on the display booth space, it’s best to think of strategic tactics to drive more attendees to your exhibition booth. To make your trade show booth stand out, its best to approach professional exhibition organisers and decorators to do it all for you right from graphic designs to execution and production.

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1. Communicate Your Message Without Distraction: Cinematic Stands

Video content keeps the attendees hooked onto your booth if it has interesting visuals and simulations. If you plan on having video content displayed at your exhibition booth, scenography screens are a captivating idea. Some exhibition organisers use LED displays to revolutionize the booth space with a blend of technology. These displays blend effortlessly with the booth’s aesthetics, eventually attracting more attendees.

An example below of a trade show at New Orleans, LA shows how Novartis, a global health care company, used LED displays to create an immersive experience of scientific sessions for the attendees.

The exhibition organisers for Samsung decided to go with LED display screens to convey messages to their audience or attendees. They used a minimalistic white and navy blue booth decor and marquee letters to portray the branding colour of Samsung. In such booth decor, attendees are just attracted by the video content that is left on continuous display. Some screens also have interactive simulations to captivate the audience and make them have a one-on-one experience with the brand.

2. Use Your Exhibition Booth Space as Your Business Card: Booth Setting

Event organisers constantly face the challenge of depicting their client’s services and talents through design and decor. The exhibition booth should speak for itself about the brand’s USP and company services. For instance, if the client in an interior designer, the booth space could actually showcase designing skills by recreating a bedroom or living room setting for attendees to gaze.

Heard of Comic-con? Just like how they create character specific or TV show specific booth designs to attract attendees to their favourite character. The booth includes backdrop decor, merchandise, displays for show updates, press seatings, and lot more.

To expand this idea further, the booth setting could change a little on all days of the exhibition to show brand versatility. We all know Asia’s leading trade fair ACETECH, where each booth has something interesting going on related to architecture, building materials, design innovation and construction techniques.

3. Make an Impression by Going Big in Tech: Giant Display Pods

Reminiscing Alice in Wonderland, imagine if everything we used appears to be of giant size. Giant iPhones and iPad shaped pods with LED displays are more enjoyable to use for demonstration videos and gaming simulations than their regular hand-held size. Convince your exhibition organisers to use giant display pods if your brand needs to demonstrate application demos and other tech-related video content. These pods are extremely user-friendly that have easy viewing options.

Here’s an example of how giant iTabs can be used for interactive customer experience at an exhibition booth. Such big display pods create mega impressions and captivate your booth attendees. It could also attract more attendees to your booth to experience gigantic phone displays. You could also use such displays for social media where your attendees could easily visit your social media handles.

4. Capture the Attention of Passers-by: Interactive Flooring

Remember the piano mat from 1988’s movie Big? Of course, it influenced people to use this concept for interactive flooring. Imagine walking on piano tiles? Maybe even dancing on them and creating tunes! Some interactive flooring could also be silent yet filled with creative illusions as passers-by walk over it. Exhibition organisers have used this concept since the time display screens could be used as flooring. Interactive flooring could have video simulations, interactive gaming, kinetic lights that turn on when it’s stepped on, and lot more.

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5. Make Attendees Look at Your Booth Twice: Attractive Illusions

Incorporate weird and wacky designs with gimmicky illusions that get the attendees talking about the design. Illusions grab the attention of the viewers and make them wonder what’s going on! This natural curiosity will provide the perfect opportunity for the booth attendants to talk and welcome the attendees.

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The example above is of an exhibition booth at Europe that definitely staged an illusion for the audience to look twice. This attracts attendees from all directions inspiring curiosity in them to know what the exhibition stand is all about. Whereas in reality, the stand was just another advertisement in the exhibition done by an exhibition organiser to promote their expertise in creative booth designs! How cool is that!

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6. Grab Attention and Stand-Out: Design Elements

You could always take inspiration from nature. Wooden finish? Yes, you could use wood to create booth stands especially if you are a designer and want to showcase your artwork or interiorscape. This example below shows exactly how the event organisers have used wooden panels and created a geometric niche.

It forms a pathway for the attendees to walk through like a maze. These panels could have displays on either side of the panel, inside and outside. It also gives a certain kind of direction to the booth display. Trade show stands and exhibition booths have now become more creative and if you are an event marketer or exhibition organizer, you need to get inspired only to give the best return on investment. With lighting, display flow, custom-made design elements and textures, you can create a booth design that speaks for itself. Consult a complete event production house that has the expertise of lighting, fabrication, and graphic designers to manage and organise all of it for you without any hassle.